Nanacast has become quite a popular shopping cart service for many people selling products and services online but it can take quite a bit of getting used to as it is quite different from most other services especially when it comes to affiliate management.

If you are wondering how to email your nanacast affiliates their swipe emails then check out this walkthrough video on how it’s possible through the Nanacast Advanced Outgoing API:


If you are using nanacast and you would like me to set this up for you, just contact me through this site and I’ll get back to you.

Link tracking is a fundamental part of online business. If you don’t know where your traffic is coming from then you don’t know how to optimize your website, your sales process, and your business.

Google provides a set of parameters you can add to any link which automatically get tracked through Google Analytics. This means you can now easily track exactly where your traffic and conversions are coming from. Problem is, these parameters aren’t easy to remember, and its rather tedious to navigate to the Google URL builder page everytime you want to create a trackable link.

Now you don’t have to. You can create Google Url Builder links very easily using the Magic Url Shortener extension for Google Chrome. You can even shorten those links using the popular shortening service all through one interface.

Check Out Magic Url Shortener here…

Download the Magic Url Shortener Tutorial PDF


Something I’m going to focus on this year is building effective management skills. Predominantly people management, but also time management, idea management, process management, and systems management. I think this is something that a lot of people in the internet marketing community lack, because you don’t need a business degree or any formal training to jump into internet marketing and call yourself a business owner. It’s so low cost to start a website and call your website an online business, but do we really have the skills to effectively manage this online business and take it to great heights.

This post stems from my previous post about The New Era of Internet Marketing.

Certainly in the offline world, you wouldn’t consider starting a business if you knew you had no management skills, but an internet marketing business is treated entirely different because the barrier to entry is low.

I’m looking at James Schramko’s business and noticing one of his great strengths is management. This is something he learnt in the offline world, and has transferred into his own online business. The way he has built a successful team of “ninjapinos” as he calls them, is nothing short of amazing and no trivial thing to achieve. A lot of us have trouble managing just one freelancer, let alone 16 of them! I’m waiting for him to release a course on outsourcer management, but until then, I’m going to be researching the web, reading books, and posting about the strategies and tips I find that work for me.

With such a big emphasis on leverage in the online community we are all looking to outsource, but when we go to hire outsourcers we often fall flat on our face because we don’t have the skills to effectively communicate to them, motivate them, and manage them.

Myself, like many others nowadays being younger and launching my internet marketing career at a young age before I really had a high paying, prominent job, and stature in the offline world, I need to work on some of these fundamentals.

I have been making a full time income from internet marketing for 2 years now and I’ve had my share of successes and failures. My initial success was purely due to persistance. I didn’t start off with any mentor or friends in the industry that I could talk to or learn from.

Now that I have both, I’m noticing some key fundamentals about what it takes to not just make a 6 figure income, but 7 figures and beyond.

What’s your thoughts?

Are we dawning on a new era of internet marketing? Is everything we have come to learn about how to make money online about to become obsolete?

Think about the typical internet marketing “style” we have all been taught over the years. Squeeze pages, long form sales letters, testimonials, pre-sells, “free” and “instant access” buttons. These things have made a lot of people a lot of money, but are they going to last forever?

I’m certainly not saying these things are bad or no longer useful, but as far as landing pages, customer acquisition, and the typical internet marketing business model… Are you noticing the crackdown like I am on the way we do things?

I have been thinking a lot about where I want to take my internet marketing business in 2011 and over the christmas break I have been going through a bit of a mindset change mostly due to the mentoring and advice I have been receiving from James Schramko and Ed Dale.

It seems that the era of quick tricks, loopholes and workarounds may be coming to an end. If you have been involved in internet marketing for more than 2 years you will have noticed some big changes.

You will have noticed that the Big G… Google, is not favoring the way we do things. They are slapping our ad campaigns and de-indexing our sites because they see our typical internet marketing tactics as deceiving, and of little value to the rest of the world.

You will have witnessed the FTC crackdown on testimonials and how we now need abundant disclaimers in our ad copy and affiliate recommendations.

If big corporations are cracking down on the way we do things, Is it time to wake up and change our approach?

when I look at successful people making not just 6 figures a year, but 7 figures, I notice they have a more real world corporate oriented approach.

Take a look at James Schramko and Mike Filsaime. Interestingly they both have a similar backgrounds as General Managers in executive car dealerships. Mercedes Benz and BMW. They have been required to manage large teams of people, run a real offline business, and turn a profit at the end of the day.

They have an incredible set of real world business and management skills that they have applied to online marketing, and have absolutely crushed it quadrupling their previous income in no time.

It seems to me that the smart money is moving away from what we know as “internet marketing” and developing sites that look more like the rest of the world. Real businesses.

I mean, if almighty Google doesn’t like what we’re doing… doesn’t that say something?

What do you think?