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Investor Spotlight – AirTree Ventures

The number of software devs in Australia that I have spoken to in 2022 who have been made redundant is astonishing. Due to overseas investment pulling back, it’s been a turbulent time for tech companies in Australia, not to mention the recent drop in the crypto market leading to further layoffs in web 3.0 ventures. […]

Which Startups Fail and Which Succeed?

We often hear and read about the successes in the startup world, but don’t often hear about the many failures.  It’s inevitable that most businesses fail in their first 3 years. Taking a look into why some succeed and others don’t is invaluable research in potential pitfalls, hurdles, and realistic challenges associated with starting a […]

Startup Spotlight: Mr Yum (Hospitality-Tech)

Four years to build a company that has attracted $100 Million AUD in total funding. Incredible. This isn’t some AI, military, or space-age techno gadget invention company either. Mr Yum is a tech-hospitality service startup that makes marketing, payments, and ordering easy and seamless for events, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses.  You wouldn’t believe they […]

Startup Spotlight: Omny Studio – Podcasting SAAS

For a startup you may never have heard of, this story spans ~7 years and shows the incredible opportunity in Australia to persevere with an idea/goal and see success. Omny Studio is a Melbourne-based enterprise podcasting software-as-a-service startup. Founded in 2012 by Andrew Armstrong, Edward Hooper and Long Zheng, the company has a rich history in audio software and […]

Startup Spotlight: Payrix (FinTech)

Payrix Payments Technology (Payrix) provides marketplaces, SaaS businesses and ISOs a flexible payments platform that enables them to unlock more revenue potential. The company provides the tools to create a seamless, embedded user experience and offers clients the choice of payment facilitation-as-a-service (PFaaS) or a full payment infrastructure (payment IaaS) product based on business appetite. […]

Investor Spotlight – Bluestar Innovation Partners

Bluestar Innovation Partners was established in 2016 to provide direct funding and mentorship from both the Jones Family and top executives on a variety of topics including operational guidance, strategic intent, access to capital, expert mode-marketing, branding, and go-to-market strategies. Private investment funding is the focus of the company, which has its headquarters in Frisco, […]

How Did Canva Become So Successful?

An Aussie Tech Startup Sensation – Canva, now one of the world’s leading web based design platforms actually started with humble beginnings.  Today Canva averages 120 new designs being added each second and more than 7 billion designs in total. Anyone with just a little graphic design expertise has likely come across this easy-to-use online […]

Free Keyword Research Tool

Brand New – This new keyword research tool will help you discover related keywords and build a highly targeted keyword list. Free Keyword Research Tool You can also generate a list of modified broad match, phrase match, and exact match keyword variations ready to paste into Google Adwords. I was using this functionality in other […]

Exploring UX: Little Things That Make Big Differences

The digital landscape is changing so quickly with new technologies, internet speed, mobile device capabilities etc. It can be overwhelming to think of everything you need to keep up to date with when developing a website.  The more I look at various eComm websites and the marketing strategies vendors are using to acquire new customers, […]

The Killer Youtube Boosting Strategy

***Disclaimer*** Google has changed the game on this tactic. They no longer publish pagerank scores. The toolbar has been disabled, and ‘follow’ links on Youtube have been pruned to a minimum. Having said that, it doesn’t mean links from authority sites to your own website or social channels won’t boost your SEO score anymore. This […]