In the ever-evolving landscape of health and wellness, access to essential vitamins and supplements has become increasingly vital. People are seeking convenient and personalized ways to maintain their well-being, and this is precisely where Vitable, a groundbreaking vitamin subscription service, has made its mark. Vitable recently achieved a remarkable feat by securing an impressive $1.9 million in funding within just 24 hours of pitching to investors. This rapid success underscores the growing demand for accessible and tailored health solutions.


While Vitable stands out as a leader in the vitamin subscription service sector, it’s essential to acknowledge the competitive landscape. Several companies offer similar services, each striving to provide users with the best possible health and wellness solutions. Here are a few notable competitors in the vitamin subscription service industry:

  • RxMx : RxMx is a significant player in the health and wellness sector. The company offers a range of solutions aimed at improving individual well-being and health management.
  • Asthma Australia: Asthma Australia focuses on providing support and solutions for individuals dealing with respiratory health issues. Their services include education, advocacy, and access to resources.
  • AimBig Employment: AimBig Employment is committed to helping individuals with disabilities achieve meaningful employment. While not directly in the vitamin subscription space, their work aligns with the goal of improving individual well-being.
  • BioCeuticals: BioCeuticals is a company dedicated to providing high-quality nutritional supplements and wellness solutions. They offer a wide range of products designed to support health and vitality.
  • Rehab Management: Rehab Management specializes in rehabilitation and injury management services. While their focus is on rehabilitation, their work contributes to overall well-being.
  • Australian Community Media: Australian Community Media covers a broad spectrum of community-related topics, including health and wellness. Their reach extends to providing valuable health-related information.
  • Elixr Health Clubs: Elixr Health Clubs offer fitness and wellness services. While not a direct competitor in the vitamin subscription space, they contribute to individual well-being.
  • Health Space Clinics: Health Space Clinics provide a range of holistic health services, including chiropractic care, acupuncture, and naturopathy.
  • Generation Health: Generation Health focuses on health and wellness programs. Their services aim to improve the health of individuals and communities.
  • Cornerstone Health: Cornerstone Health is a healthcare provider offering a range of medical services, including health assessments and chronic disease management.

Each of these competitors brings its unique features and strengths to the table, catering to the diverse health and wellness needs of individuals. Vitable’s ability to stand out in this competitive market is a testament to its innovative approach and commitment to improving individual well-being.


Vitable’s journey to redefine personalized health and wellness has been powered by strategic funding rounds that have enabled the company to expand its offerings and reach. These rounds of investment have been instrumental in fueling Vitable’s growth and innovation.

  • Series A: The Series A funding round marked a significant milestone in Vitable’s trajectory. With the backing of prominent investors such as Flying Fox Ventures and Flash Ventures, this round injected substantial capital into the company. These funds were strategically deployed to further develop Vitable’s personalized health platform, enhance its product offerings, and expand its customer base. The Series A round not only boosted Vitable’s financial resources but also elevated its position as a key player in the health and wellness industry.
  • Pre-Seed Rounds: Vitable’s journey began with Pre-Seed Rounds, during which both Flash Ventures and Rocket Internet showed their early support. These initial investments provided the necessary capital for Vitable to establish its operations, refine its platform, and conduct essential research and development. These rounds laid the foundation for the company’s subsequent growth and success.

Vitable’s funding rounds have played a crucial role in shaping the company’s evolution and impact. With a series of well-executed fundraising efforts, Vitable has secured the resources needed to drive innovation, reach more individuals, and revolutionize the way people approach their health and wellness journeys. These investments stand as a testament to Vitable’s potential to transform the industry and improve the lives of individuals worldwide.


Larah Loutati is the founder of Vitable, Australia’s first personalized vitamin and supplements subscription service. She is the driving force behind Vitable’s mission to make personalized health and wellness accessible to all. As a visionary in the field of health and nutrition, Larah Loutati’s background and passion converged to create Vitable’s innovative platform.

Larah Loutati’s commitment to transforming the way individuals approach their health and wellness journey is evident in Vitable’s personalized and accessible approach. With a deep understanding of the importance of vitamins and supplements in maintaining well-being, Larah Loutati has steered Vitable toward remarkable success in a competitive market. Under her leadership, Vitable has redefined how people think about their health, offering tailored solutions that cater to the individual needs of each customer.


Vitable’s remarkable journey to redefine the health and wellness landscape has not been a solitary endeavor. The company’s innovative approach to personalized health has attracted substantial investment from distinguished firms, each of which recognizes the transformative potential of Vitable’s mission.

  • Flying Fox Ventures: Flying Fox Ventures played a pivotal role in propelling Vitable’s growth trajectory. Their involvement in the Series A funding round signified a strong vote of confidence in Vitable’s vision. With Flying Fox Ventures as a strategic partner, Vitable gained not only financial support but also access to valuable industry insights and expertise, helping the company expand its reach and impact.
  • Flash Ventures: Flash Ventures, another influential player in the investment landscape, joined forces with Vitable during the Series A funding round. Their partnership underscored the industry’s recognition of Vitable’s unique position in the market. With Flash Ventures on board, Vitable gained access to a network of strategic connections and resources that further accelerated its growth and influence.
  • Rocket Internet: Rocket Internet, renowned for its investments in pioneering startups, recognized the potential of Vitable’s personalized health and wellness platform. Their partnership not only brought financial backing but also lent credibility to Vitable’s mission. With Rocket Internet’s support, Vitable gained access to a wealth of knowledge and experience in scaling businesses, enabling it to reach new heights.


Vitable’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of personalized health and wellness solutions. With its rapid success and the backing of investors, Vitable is poised to reshape the health and wellness industry. The demand for convenient and tailored health solutions continues to grow, and Vitable is well-positioned to meet and exceed these expectations.

In a world where well-being is paramount, Vitable’s innovative approach ensures that individuals have access to the vitamins and supplements they need to thrive. As the health and wellness industry evolves, Vitable’s commitment to accessible and personalized solutions makes it a standout player in the market.

Vitable’s recent funding success within a mere 24 hours of pitching to investors is a testament to the company’s dedication to revolutionizing the health and wellness industry. With a rapidly growing user base and a commitment to personalization, Vitable is poised to make a lasting impact on the well-being of individuals worldwide.