If you are building WordPress sites for clients, then here’s the perfect solution to quickly brand the dashboard with your own logo, and remove the default WordPress widgets that confuse your clients.

Now, everytime your customer loads their WordPress admin area, they will be reminded of you and feel an overwhelming urge to call you up and give you more money to implement new features on their site.

I hope you enjoy this plugin… It is quite simple, but quite handy if you are tired of training your clients on how to navigate the WordPress admin.

If you are indeed a local website marketer, then please feel free to hit me up through email. I work with a number of local website marketers as I offer a white label service where you can make more money selling advanced marketing strategies and not have to worry about the tech.

Download WordPress Plugin – Simple Dashboard

Here’s a walkthrough of each step:

Click “Add New” on the Plugins Page


Type “Simple Dashboard” into the text box and click Search


Click “Install Now” under Simple Dashboard


Click “Activate Plugin”


You should see this message on the next screen…


Navigate back to the WordPress Dashboard


You should now see a new simplified layout…


Click “Configure” to brand the Dashboard image with your logo


Enter your own website/logo details and click the Submit button


Click “Configure” on the Posts Widget


Customize the widget to your liking and then click Submit


Repeat this step for the Pages widget. You can choose how many items you would like to display as well as whether to show the post author and date.

Select “Dashboard Options” in the left hand side menu


Download your current settings to roll out to your other WordPress sites



Save that file in the last step to your computer and upload to as many WordPress installations as you like to brand them with your logo and widget settings.


The quest for creating unique content has taken people down many different avenues over the last few years. There are dozens of spinning tools and software out on the market now, and they each work well to varying degrees.

One of the best ways I have seen to create quality spinnable content is to rewrite content based on sentences rather than words. This makes your article much more readable and human friendly.

Most of the services out there are independant software apps or membership websites. When I was searching for tools and software for content spinning I came across SEO Wordspinner by Zack Katz, which is a wordpress plugin that allows you to show different sentence combinations each time your page is refreshed. It works by putting brackets around each sentence and then the pipe character between multiple versions of that sentence. I thought this plugin was a great idea since most people will be putting content and articles on their wordpress blog.

One thing lacking in this plugin was the ability to easily create rewritten sentences. I had been using a very popular service called Article Ranks which has a fantastic editor for rewriting sentences. So, I thought why not create a simple visual editor plugin for wordpress that gives users an easy way to rewrite their articles just like this service and make it compatible with Zack’s SEO Wordspinner plugin.

So, here it is… 100% free for you.

Click Here To Download SEO Content Rewriter