Easy WordPress Links

Here is a super easy way to integrate: WordPress, affiliate links, and Google analytics…

The benefit of this method is that all you need to do is create a new page in WordPress and input your affiliate link. Everything else is done for you.

If you are tracking your blog through Google Analytics you will now see those links as content pages in your report.

You will need the WP Page Refresh Plugin to use this method. You also get the Affiliate Cookie Drop Plugin as a bonus. Scroll to the bottom of this post to purchase these plugins.

Click Here To Download The PDF Walkthrough

To create a sample redirect page, click the “Add New” link under the Pages dropdown


You can also do this with Posts. You might like to create a category called “recommends” and then have each Post under that category redirect through your affiliate link.

Specify a title for your new page


Note: You may want to click the “Edit” option on the permalink setting and delete the dash so your permalink looks something like: http://mikeleembruggen.com/productname/

Note: Make sure you have the WP Page Refresh and Affiliate Cookie Drop Plugins checked under “Screen Options” at the top of the page


Scroll down to the WP Page Refresh section and enter your affiliate link into the “Destination URL” field


Enter a “Delay Time”


0 means that the page will redirect immediately after it has finished loading. This will be fine for most uses.

Click the “Publish” button


That’s It!

Now you should see a new link on your home page and when you click that, it will redirect through your affiliate link.

Affiliate Cookie Drop settings: If you want to redirect to a custom page other than the direct affiliate landing page… Select your affiliate link, right click, and select “Cut”


Example usage: You can use this Affiliate Cookie Drop plugin to direct link to an order form instead of the sales page if you have already pre-sold the customer.

Paste that link into the “Affiliate Link” field in the Affiliate Cookie Drop settings


Enter your custom landing page URL into the “Detination URL” field in the WP Page Refresh settings


Click the “Publish” button


That’s It!

Easy WordPress Links – Comes With WP Page Refresh Plugin, Affiliate Cookie Drop Plugin and How-To Guide

Mike Leembruggen

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Does this work with Amazon? I thought they did not like cloaked links or redirected links.


Hi Mike - Found you on YouTube when searching for affiIiate link cloaking info. I'm new to all this and I'm trying to find the easiest/best way to do this. Can your plugin be used with affiliate link banner ads that have been placed on WordPress websites or must one create a separate page for each affiliate link in the website? Thank you.

Mike Leembruggen
Mike Leembruggen

Hi Gerard, This plugin uses a meta refresh so basically you can promote your own website link. i.e http://www.mikeleembruggen/trafficgrab/ and when someone lands on that page it will refresh through your affiliate link. To answer your question: It depends on the particular affiliate program. In my Traffic Grab example (which uses nanacast) it redirects straight to trafficgrab.com so you never see any affiliate details. Hope that answers your question, Mike

Mike Leembruggen
Mike Leembruggen

Hi Vin, It does work with separate pages or posts. The idea behind this is to capture the visitor data through google analytics while having a very easy way to create affiliate redirect pages. You could have banner ads that point to pages on your site. This would give you tracking capabilities on your banners and you wouldn't have an ugly direct affiliate link as their url either. Mike