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From The Desk Of: Michael Leembruggen

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Dear Entrepreneur,

Have you been looking for a quicker and easier way to find available and profitable domains?

Are you tired of being frustrated running into dead-ends as you come up empty time after time looking for what seems like a needle in a haystack?

If you are promoting affiliate products, creating your own products, building blogs, or developing adsense sites, then I have exactly what you need to optimize your workflow.

What If I Could Eliminate Your Seemingly Endless Domain Searching And Drastically Reduce The Time It Takes You To Find A Winning Domain For Your New Website?

Well, if the prospect of quickly and easily finding a virtually never-ending supply of available domain suggestions interests you, then keep reading…

It wasn’t that long ago that the internet had easy money-making possibilities. All you needed to do was reserve a few domain names and the speculators came knocking – with five-figure checks in hand! Savvy entrepreneurs snapped up popular domains by the dozen.

Who doesn’t remember when business.com sold for a then-record $7.5 Million in 1999? If the trick in real estate is location, location, location, then the trick on the internet is domain name, domain name, domain name.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, a few short years may as well be a few lifetimes. With the breakneck speed of change on the internet, the saying "If you snooze, you lose" is more true now than ever before.

To gain a competitive advantage to the unclaimed gold that is still out there, you need a treasure map to tell you where to dig.

There are many ways to make money on the internet when you have your own domain. The challenge is finding quality domain names that are going to bring in the traffic and snap them up.

A few years back, 99.9% of all common English words had already been reserved as domain names. It is very expensive to purchase these domains now from current owners. Since all the common one and two word domain names were gone long ago, savvy web marketers are now looking toward LONG-TAIL domains for their profits.


For starters,

These Domains Are Unclaimed And Available Immediately For The Price Of Registration!

…which is usually less than $10.

Secondly, web surfers are becoming more sophisticated in their searches and if you want to make money in todays market, you need to adapt.

For example, if someone is looking to buy a new television, they aren’t likely to type ‘television’ into their search engine. The results that come up for the search term ‘television’ range from a Wikipedia article, to TV Guide listings, and How It Works reference material. You most likely aren’t going to be able to compete with those sites, and that’s NOT where the easy money is for smart entrepreneurs like you and me anyway.

More likely, a buyers search phrase will contain long-tail keywords aimed at getting closer to a relevant page sooner in the search process. Something like:

cheap flat panel LCD
1080p dlp projector
plasma high definition television

Long Tail Domains Are Where It’s At… If You Want To Make Easy Money In Today’s Market!

So, how do you go about identifying available domains? And how do you know which ones are better than the others? After all, the number of possible combinations are limitless when considering model names, types, word order, with hyphens or without, and so on.

Well, you could try to think of possible domains on your own by opening a Word file and start typing. Then you could go to a domain registration site and manually type or copy-and-paste your list of domains to check availability.

Talk about a needle in the haystack. It won’t take long for you to be abandoning that process because it’s just too cumbersome.

There is a better way. A more efficient way…

Introducing… Domain Digger Pro

I initially released this software on a popular internet marketing forum to get a bit of feedback. The response I got absolutely blew me away!

I Have Specifically Included Screenshots So You Can See That These Testimonials Are 100% Real!…

Watch the video below to see from start to finish, exactly how to I found profitable keyword targeted domains in one of the most competitive niches online.

If your interest in making money has anything to do with adsense, SEO, blogging, affiliate marketing, or selling websites, then Domain Digger Pro is the perfect tool for you.

Here’s just some of the ways you can use Domain Digger Pro:

Do market research at the click of a button
Identify dozens of alternate domain name variations based on a single search term
Find keyword targeted domains that haven’t been bought yet
Discover high volume keyphrases that you would never have thought of yourself
Purchase domains and ‘flip’ them for a profit
Build a network of domains to generate cheap inbound traffic to your main site


There are so many money making opportunities that present themselves when using Domain Digger Pro.

Eliminate your old Needle-in-the-Haystack method. There is a better way than throwing darts at a wall to find winning domain names. Domain Digger Pro makes light work of finding quality keyword targeted domains. You will be left wondering how you ever managed to buy a domain the old way.

Think About How Much Time You Will Save By Having A Profitable Domain List Automatically Generated For You?

How valuable is it to identify uncharted, prime internet real estate?

Domain Digger Pro takes the guesswork out of the process of picking the right domain, allowing you to focus on generating income.

Here’s how it works:

One Click Install of Domain Digger Pro -Works with Google Chrome – either on Mac or PC
Click the Domain Digger icon in the toolbar and type in your search term
Domain Digger Pro loads your search term into 3 popular keyword research tools – KeywordSpy, Ispionage, and SemRush – to produce a list of related profitable keyword phrases
Domain Digger Pro then copies those related keywords into a bulk domain checker tool automatically
The domain checker reports back on the status of domains using those long-tail keywords
You will see results for various top-level domains – .COM, .ORG, .INFO, .NET etc.
You will also see the registration status for each domain on the list
You can easily reference available domains against their search volume
You can easily identify hidden opportunities to purchase domains from owners that are not using them

Think of Domain Digger Pro as the Divining Rod in the vast desert that is the Internet. Centuries ago, Divining Rods were used to locate underground water sources or other buried treasures.

Today, Domain Digger Pro will help you locate the hidden treasures available on the Web.

Here are some quick examples of sites that have recently sold on flippa.com to give you an idea just how profitable picking the right domain can be…

Domain Digger Pro comes with an unconditional 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee, so if for any reason you feel that this software is not right for you, your entire investment will be refunded, and you get to keep the software free of charge.


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