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Is the Pen mightier than the PC

I’m talking productivity here. The question is… Is digital actually better or worse for brainstorming, organising, and planning your thoughts into actionable processes? As technology abounds in today’s society and everyone is using word processors, spreadsheets, mind maps, and slide presentations to communicate ideas, it’s not a matter of choice anymore. Digital is it, but […]

How To Setup Google Analytics Conversion Goals

Here is a quick walkthrough video of how to setup google analytics conversion goals. Most internet marketers have google analytics installed on their websites, but few actually go to the length of setting up conversion goals to measure what percentage of their site visitors actually complete the desired action steps needed to reach the end […]

How To Setup and Manage a Profitable Outsourced Team – Interview with James Schramko

Have you noticed the number of people in the internet marketing community talking about outsourcing? I wouldn’t exactly call it the latest buzz word, because it’s something that has been widely adopted as “leveraging your time” for quite a few years now, but the concept is definitely becoming more and more talked about. It seems […]

Are you managing your business… or is your business managing you?

Something I’m going to focus on this year is building effective management skills. Predominantly people management, but also time management, idea management, process management, and systems management. I think this is something that a lot of people in the internet marketing community lack, because you don’t need a business degree or any formal training to […]

The New Era Of Internet Marketing

Are we dawning on a new era of internet marketing? Is everything we have come to learn about how to make money online about to become obsolete? Think about the typical internet marketing “style” we have all been taught over the years. Squeeze pages, long form sales letters, testimonials, pre-sells, “free” and “instant access” buttons. […]