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Nanacast Advanced Techniques

Nanacast has become quite a popular shopping cart service for many people selling products and services online but it can take quite a bit of getting used to as it is quite different from most other services especially when it comes to affiliate management. If you are wondering how to email your nanacast affiliates their […]

Stop obsessing over HTML5 and CSS3

Stop obsessing over HTML5 and CSS3 | Webdesigner Depot http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2011/06/stop-obsessing-over-html5-and-css3/ As web designers, we all seem obsessed by HTML5 and CSS3 at the moment. Endless posts, tutorials and discussion about them dominate the blogosphere. But how much are we learning that can be applied today? Don’t get me wrong. We all need to understand HTML5 […]

Magic Url Shortener

Link tracking is a fundamental part of online business. If you don’t know where your traffic is coming from then you don’t know how to optimize your website, your sales process, and your business. Google provides a set of parameters you can add to any link which automatically get tracked through Google Analytics. This means […]

Easy WordPress Links

Here is a super easy way to integrate: WordPress, affiliate links, and Google analytics… The benefit of this method is that all you need to do is create a new page in WordPress and input your affiliate link. Everything else is done for you. If you are tracking your blog through Google Analytics you will […]

A Measure Of Success: Your Rejection Rate

How do you handle rejection? It’s definitely something that is not easy to accept for most people but something that is key to success in business. It’s what separates the top earners from everyone else who jumps from one idea to the next in the hope that their new idea is going to work. Here’s […]

SEO Content Rewriter

The quest for creating unique content has taken people down many different avenues over the last few years. There are dozens of spinning tools and software out on the market now, and they each work well to varying degrees. One of the best ways I have seen to create quality spinnable content is to rewrite […]