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The Killer Youtube Boosting Strategy

***Disclaimer*** Google has changed the game on this tactic. They no longer publish pagerank scores. The toolbar has been disabled, and ‘follow’ links on Youtube have been pruned to a minimum. Having said that, it doesn’t mean links from authority sites to your own website or social channels won’t boost your SEO score anymore. This […]

The Best WordPress Plugins For Your Community Website

As WordPress is becoming the platform of choice for websites, it’s no longer just a blogging tool. People are using WordPress for many varied functions. One of those is building a community. It makes sense wanting to leverage the power of your own website to integrate members and have them be able to post content. […]

Build Your Facebook Custom Audience Through Graph Search

Here’s how to build a Facebook custom audience for free using their built-in graph search feature. This method doesn’t use the API. This is purely gathering data from the public graph search page in a semi-automated way. The advantage of building a custom audience this way is it’s much more intuitive when doing searches and […]

Sorting Trello Cards By Priority Across Multiple Boards

I use trello.com in my business, and I find it a great tool for organising information and assigning tasks to team members. The only thing we find is that when managing multiple boards (projects) at once, there isn’t a way of seeing the most important tasks across all projects on one screen. Fortunately… my business […]

How I Increased My Site Speed By 36% in 5 Minutes

Are you leaving money on the table because your site takes too long to load? The stats say that people will wait up to 2 seconds for your page to load before they click the ‘back’ button and leave forever. This obviously has a direct relationship to your conversion rates. It would make most marketers […]

Which Is The Best Split Testing Software?

If you are at the stage where you are split testing your web pages… Firstly, I congratulate you. Only the most successful online business owners are split testing. Choosing which software to use can be a daunting decision. Since Google decided to drop Google Website Optimiser, the playing field has become much more abundant with […]

Split Testing Button Text For Better Conversions

Here’s some interesting results from an experiment I ran through Google Analytics Content Experiments to see which button text would convert the best on one of my websites.   This was a page after the homepage, so visitors would click a button on the homepage and then land on this simple name capture squeeze page. […]

InfusionSoft vs Office Auto Pilot Unbiased Review

I guess the first vital piece of information to disclose is that I don’t work for either Infusionsoft or OAP, however I do use and manage both products for various clients. There are pro’s and con’s to each platform as you would expect, but hopefully I can give you a bit of insight here as […]

Brand Your Clients WordPress Dashboard – Free Plugin

If you are building WordPress sites for clients, then here’s the perfect solution to quickly brand the dashboard with your own logo, and remove the default WordPress widgets that confuse your clients. Now, everytime your customer loads their WordPress admin area, they will be reminded of you and feel an overwhelming urge to call you […]