SEO Content Rewriter

The quest for creating unique content has taken people down many different avenues over the last few years. There are dozens of spinning tools and software out on the market now, and they each work well to varying degrees.

One of the best ways I have seen to create quality spinnable content is to rewrite content based on sentences rather than words. This makes your article much more readable and human friendly.

Most of the services out there are independant software apps or membership websites. When I was searching for tools and software for content spinning I came across SEO Wordspinner by Zack Katz, which is a wordpress plugin that allows you to show different sentence combinations each time your page is refreshed. It works by putting brackets around each sentence and then the pipe character between multiple versions of that sentence. I thought this plugin was a great idea since most people will be putting content and articles on their wordpress blog.

One thing lacking in this plugin was the ability to easily create rewritten sentences. I had been using a very popular service called Article Ranks which has a fantastic editor for rewriting sentences. So, I thought why not create a simple visual editor plugin for wordpress that gives users an easy way to rewrite their articles just like this service and make it compatible with Zack’s SEO Wordspinner plugin.

So, here it is… 100% free for you.

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Is the Pen mightier than the PC

I’m talking productivity here. The question is… Is digital actually better or worse for brainstorming, organising, and planning your thoughts into actionable processes?

As technology abounds in today’s society and everyone is using word processors, spreadsheets, mind maps, and slide presentations to communicate ideas, it’s not a matter of choice anymore. Digital is it, but is it really the most effective way to explore your own thoughts and achieve the highest productivity out of your own time.

I don’t know about you but I keep a simple notebook on my desk to write down a list of tasks that I want to achieve every day. It’s a great way to keep focused and I’ve been doing it for a few years now, so it’s something that I’ve developed into a habit and find it very useful.

I find writing with a pen is much more intuitive and thought provoking than typing on a keyboard. I guess because it’s a little more creative, a little faster, and it produces a greater mind-body connection. The problem is that you can’t just copy and paste that text, format it, and transfer it to another application. Of course there are various new hardware devices like the Livescribe pen making this idea more of a reality today, but that is topic for another post.

Today I did something a little different than just writing tasks in my notebook. I decided to write down everything I was thinking. I would be half way through writing a list of action steps and then I would hit a step that would spur a new thought process. Instead of trying to keep focused on the bigger picture and bury those new thoughts, I wrote them down and continued that thought process until it was resolved. I found this actually helped me to work through a lot of things that my brain would usually not be able to focus on, either because the thought was too large and I needed to break it into smaller chunks or because it might be an area that my subconscious was avoiding. That is also topic for another post but I found instead of letting my mind go cloudy, I would write questions to myself, and then I would answer them. Once I had answered or eliminated all my objections, I was able to return back to my action step list and proceed.

In just half a day I had already written 10 pages of scribble, which is something not really worth doing in digital form, or something that you wouldn’t bother doing in digital form because it’s all about concise, to the point text, and reducing the number of words needed to express an idea. Creating digital content definitely has it’s advantages as you can easily segment content, add new content to previous sections, and create a document that’s easy to share with others, but if you are stuck on a idea and can’t seem to work out the steps you need to take to make it happen then definitely try just writing in a notepad.

It’s a great way to establish that mind-body connection and really explore your deepest thoughts and objections that may be holding you back from achieving your goals. Even though it can take longer to write every thought out on paper, and then rewrite some of that content into digital form, you might just find that your actual productivity level shoots through the roof.

How To Get Started In Domaining – Interview With Kenny Goodman

Domaining is something that is becoming a hot topic among online entrepreneurs. Not just internet marketers, but big corporate enterprises as they are noticing a huge trend toward the online sector.

One of the “go to” guys when it comes to domaining is Kenny Goodman. I managed to jump on a call with Kenny and interview him on exactly what he sees as the future of domaining and how he has managed to build a solid business through lead brokering and buying aged domains.

If you’re not familiar with the term “domaining”. It’s simply the acquisition of multiple domains.

You can either “park” those domains or develop them into content sites, or as Kenny points out on this call, you can get really creative and do things like lease options on your domains. This definitely takes things to a whole new level, and some of the concepts Kenny alludes to on this call are absolutely fascinating.

Some of the things Kenny talks about on this call, I have never heard before, and it’s always a refreshing change to hear real world business strategies applied to online marketing and website development rather than the typical gimmicky stuff about making thousands of dollars overnight through the latest spam technique.

This is big business, and has the potential for huge paydays in the corporate market.

I also get Kenny to run through his latest online software called DomainFace. I must admit, when I first started using this software I was a bit lost, because if you don’t know what to look for when finding an aged domain then all the stats don’t really mean much. So, on this call I got Kenny to run me through exactly what criteria he looks for when searching for an aged domain, and that has made a huge difference for me. I’m sure it will make a huge difference for you too.

I hope you get as much out of this call as I did, and please leave your comments below to let me know if you enjoyed the content.

How To Setup Google Analytics Conversion Goals

Here is a quick walkthrough video of how to setup google analytics conversion goals. Most internet marketers have google analytics installed on their websites, but few actually go to the length of setting up conversion goals to measure what percentage of their site visitors actually complete the desired action steps needed to reach the end goal, being purchasing your product.

This is a basic walkthrough of analytics and the typical scenario that most internet marketers will have. I detail exactly which options to select inside google analytics, how to setup google analytics tracking code on your wordpress blog, and how to setup your analytics goal funnel.

Enjoy 🙂